German Reading

So tickt Deutschland. Great site for German reading. You get informations about Germany – Landeskunde. You will also find interesting articles on politics, life, economy, culture, society and the environment.

There are also interesting interviews and reports, as well as background contributions about Germany. You will learn something about Germany’s diverse relations with other countries.

Great opportunity to combine German reading with facts about Germany!

Level: B1 – C2


Café Deutsch

Café Deutsch

German Reading Intermediate

On the website Cafe-Deutsch you will find interesting German reading. Intermediate level up to advanced. There are mainly cultural topics, but also about German customs and festivals. For the respective topics there are sound recordings, as well as some worksheets. There are also worksheets on some grammatical topics.

Level: from A2

Link: Cafe-Deutsch


The online academy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a place of political education on the Internet. On this website you will find content on the topics “Europe”, “Globalization”, “Remembrance & Democracy” and “Sustainability”. The topics are particularly suitable for advanced learners and can be used as a basis for discussions in class.

Level: C1, C2

Link: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Yomunda – German Language Texts

The search engine Yomunda searches German language texts for beginners to advanced. You can search as in a normal search engine for keywords (topics) and also specify your language level and sort the texts on the difficulty of the vocabulary, grammar, or a combination of both . If you click on “linguistic detail analysis”, you get for each text a list of words that you probably know on the selected level, which are worth going to learn and what you should look up because they are often in the text.

Level: A1 – C2

Link: Yomunda