Ob quatschen, schnacken, schwätze oder babbele – viele Deutsche sprechen Dialekt. Mundarten sind aber mehr als Sprache und transportieren regionale Identität: Bairisch ist für einen Friesen Chinesisch und umgekehrt.

The Dialektatlas presents country and people, language and peculiarities from German parts of the country. Learn everything about the Berliner Schnauze, miners from the coal mine and thrifty Swabians, about Rhenish chatterboxes and Bavarian stomach scratches!

Level: C1, C2

Link: Dialektatlas

Audio Lingua

Audio-Lingua offers mp3 recordings in German, for all levels. A good way to improve your pronunciation and learn new vocabularies. You can find, from any webpage, better targeted audio resources by using the advanced browser. You can directly listen tomp3 documents or download them. In addition you can subscribe one of the « RSS – Podcast » feeds of this website.

Level: A1 – A2

Link:  Audio Lingua