Die Seite mit dem Elefanten – German for Kids

Are you looking for German for kids? This website is for 3-6 year old children. Interesting games / puzzles and informations on topics for children are on the website. In addition there are movies and craft ideas. You can use this page with children who learn German as a foreign language. It is supplementary material for kids, if they are somehow exposed to the German language.

Link: Die Seite mit dem Elefanten

Was ist los in Hauptstraße 117?

An online German course for adults with many online exercises: pronunciation, gap dialogues, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar … The workbook and the dialogues may be downloaded free of charge, the video must be ordered. But even without video, the course is suitable for self-study. German teachers can use this course as a supplement in lessons for beginners. The course is best suited with Internet Explorer.

Level: A1, A2

Link: Hauptstraße 117

Ein rätselhafter Auftrag

The app “Learning adventure German – ein rätselhafter Auftrag” is an exciting criminal case that can only be solved if the players learn and apply important vocabulary: Applying and successfully completing a job interview, making appointments and presenting to an audience – Jayden and with her the players have to be successful in the job. Because only there, in the workplace, can you find the solution for the enigmatic order.

Level: B1, B2

Link: Lernabenteuer Deutsch