Das Geheimnis der Himmelsscheibe

A learning adventure for learners of German. On a journey through Germany, players solve the mystery of the 4,000-year-old Nebra Sky Disk. The game is fun and teaches while strengthening knowledge of the German language.

Level: A2 – B1

Link: Das Geheimnis der Himmelsscheibe

Mein Deutschbuch

You will find on this webside grammar rules, explanations and grammar exercises. The grammar can be used as reference and to learn new grammatical structures.  With online-exercises you may deepen what you have learned. Very usefull for beginners is the integrated Leo-online-dictionary.

Level: A1 – C2

Link: mein Deutschbuch

German for Music Lovers

Are you looking for German grammar explanations in English? On this web site beginners and intermediate learners of German will find German grammar explanations and exercises. In addition there are almost 50 German songs text with vocabularies and some readings in German for intermediate level.

Level: A1 – B2

Link: German for Music Lovers

Yomunda – German Language Texts

The search engine Yomunda searches German language texts for beginners to advanced. You can search as in a normal search engine for keywords (topics) and also specify your language level and sort the texts on the difficulty of the vocabulary, grammar, or a combination of both . If you click on “linguistic detail analysis”, you get for each text a list of words that you probably know on the selected level, which are worth going to learn and what you should look up because they are often in the text.

Level: A1 – C2

Link: Yomunda


Ob quatschen, schnacken, schwätze oder babbele – viele Deutsche sprechen Dialekt. Mundarten sind aber mehr als Sprache und transportieren regionale Identität: Bairisch ist für einen Friesen Chinesisch und umgekehrt.

The Dialektatlas presents country and people, language and peculiarities from German parts of the country. Learn everything about the Berliner Schnauze, miners from the coal mine and thrifty Swabians, about Rhenish chatterboxes and Bavarian stomach scratches!

Level: C1, C2

Link: Dialektatlas