Ticket nach Berlin – die Abenteuerspielshow

Six young German learners embark on a turbulent journey through Germany. Wether wakeboarding or kitchen battle: for the candidate are waiting many challenges! There are interactive exercises and tasks on vocabulary, grammar and geography to print for each of the 19 episodes.

Level: B1, B2

Link: Ticket nach Berlin

Radio D Teil 1 – audio story

“Radio D Teil 1” is a audio story that especially trains listening comprehension. Learners can listen to 26 exciting stories and read the manuscripts. In addition, there are additional materials such as grammatical tables, an English translation of the exercises and explanations, as well as a word list.

In this audio language course you will accompany the reporters Paula and Philipp to Neuschwanstein Castle and meet King Ludwig there. In Hamburg they report on a shark in the harbor, and in the carneval they get to know witches.

Level: A1, A2

Link:  Radio D Teil 1