Was ist los in Hauptstraße 117?

An online German course for adults with many online exercises: pronunciation, gap dialogues, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar … The workbook and the dialogues may be downloaded free of charge, the video must be ordered. But even without video, the course is suitable for self-study. German teachers can use this course as a supplement in lessons for beginners. The course is best suited with Internet Explorer.

Level: A1, A2

Link: Hauptstraße 117


Ob quatschen, schnacken, schwätze oder babbele – viele Deutsche sprechen Dialekt. Mundarten sind aber mehr als Sprache und transportieren regionale Identität: Bairisch ist für einen Friesen Chinesisch und umgekehrt.

The Dialektatlas presents country and people, language and peculiarities from German parts of the country. Learn everything about the Berliner Schnauze, miners from the coal mine and thrifty Swabians, about Rhenish chatterboxes and Bavarian stomach scratches!

Level: C1, C2

Link: Dialektatlas

Das Bandtagebuch – Fun and Music!

The Munich band EINSHOCH6 takes you in 40 diary episodes on a journey through Germany: Get to know Germany and accompany the band in their video diary in the rehearsal room, for football, surfing on the Isar, the Berlin Wall or the Christmas market. All episodes feature interactive exercises and materials for the classroom.

Level: B1, B2


Ticket nach Berlin – die Abenteuerspielshow

Six young German learners embark on a turbulent journey through Germany. Wether wakeboarding or kitchen battle: for the candidate are waiting many challenges! There are interactive exercises and tasks on vocabulary, grammar and geography to print for each of the 19 episodes.

Level: B1, B2

Link: Ticket nach Berlin