German Grammar Exercises

German grammar exercises will help you to manage the German language. On this website you will find a detailed grammar trainer. You can practice the grammar by topics, level, or textbooks. If it’s convenient for you, download it as an app.

Level: A1 – C1

Link: Deutschakademie



German Grammar Rules

Are you looking for German grammar rules and explanations as well as German grammar exercises? Then you are right here. The exercises are for each level, so you can apply and consolidate what you have learned.

In the section Vocabulary you have many possibilities to expand your knowledge. You will learn numbers, date and time. In addition you will learn how to manage words that you do no longer confuse them. Also you will find phrases on various topics and texts to listen to and read.

Those working among refugees will find a section with entertaining worksheets.

Level: A1 – B2

Link: Lingolia

Mein Deutschbuch

You will find on this webside grammar rules, explanations and grammar exercises. The grammar can be used as reference and to learn new grammatical structures.  With online-exercises you may deepen what you have learned. Very usefull for beginners is the integrated Leo-online-dictionary.

Level: A1 – C2

Link: mein Deutschbuch

German for Music Lovers

Are you looking for German grammar explanations in English? On this web site beginners and intermediate learners of German will find German grammar explanations and exercises. In addition there are almost 50 German songs text with vocabularies and some readings in German for intermediate level.

Level: A1 – B2

Link: German for Music Lovers