Der Weg

Der Weg

German Intermediate Reading

‘Der Weg’ is a portal for learners of German, who are looking for intermediate reading. Of course it’s also for advanced learners of German. The topics are interesting topics and there is a variety. Topics about geography and German history, as well as topics about life or famous people. German teachers also find a variety of topics for German lessons.

Level: B1 – C2

Link: Der Weg



German Grammar Exercises

German grammar exercises will help you to manage the German language. On this website you will find a detailed grammar trainer. You can practice the grammar by topics, level, or textbooks. If it’s convenient for you, download it as an app.

Level: A1 – C1

Link: Deutschakademie



German Grammar Rules

Are you looking for German grammar rules and explanations as well as German grammar exercises? Then you are right here. The exercises are for each level, so you can apply and consolidate what you have learned.

In the section Vocabulary you have many possibilities to expand your knowledge. You will learn numbers, date and time. In addition you will learn how to manage words that you do no longer confuse them. Also you will find phrases on various topics and texts to listen to and read.

Those working among refugees will find a section with entertaining worksheets.

Level: A1 – B2

Link: Lingolia

German Reading

So tickt Deutschland. Great site for German reading. You get informations about Germany – Landeskunde. You will also find interesting articles on politics, life, economy, culture, society and the environment.

There are also interesting interviews and reports, as well as background contributions about Germany. You will learn something about Germany’s diverse relations with other countries.

Great opportunity to combine German reading with facts about Germany!

Level: B1 – C2


Ich will Deutsch lernen

Ich will Deutsch lernen

German for Refugees

This course is especially for refugees who want to learn German. Here you will also find practical scenarios of work related communicative action fields. Refugees can use the website on their own. But it’s just as useful for teachers of German. They can use it in their German courses.

Level: A1 – B1

Link: Ich will Deutsch lernen

Café Deutsch

Café Deutsch

German Reading Intermediate

On the website Cafe-Deutsch you will find interesting German reading. Intermediate level up to advanced. There are mainly cultural topics, but also about German customs and festivals. For the respective topics there are sound recordings, as well as some worksheets. There are also worksheets on some grammatical topics.

Level: from A2

Link: Cafe-Deutsch


The online academy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation is a place of political education on the Internet. On this website you will find content on the topics “Europe”, “Globalization”, “Remembrance & Democracy” and “Sustainability”. The topics are particularly suitable for advanced learners and can be used as a basis for discussions in class.

Level: C1, C2

Link: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Was ist los in Hauptstraße 117?

An online German course for adults with many online exercises: pronunciation, gap dialogues, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar … The workbook and the dialogues may be downloaded free of charge, the video must be ordered. But even without video, the course is suitable for self-study. German teachers can use this course as a supplement in lessons for beginners. The course is best suited with Internet Explorer.

Level: A1, A2

Link: Hauptstraße 117