phase 6 hallo Deutsch für Kinder

Here you will find a vocabulary app. It is also suitable for children without German language skills.

The phase6 hello app for children teaches the elementary vocabulary for German as a second language. Approximately 1,400 words and expressions are playfully conveyed and consolidated.

Die App steht für Android, iOS und Amazon Fire Tablets (ab Kindle Fire 2012) zur Verfügung.

Level: A1

Link:phase 6 hallo Deutsch für Kinder

Ankommen – Arrival app

Did you come to Germany as a refugee? The Arrival app will accompany you in your first few weeks. You can even learn German here. You can learn a lot about Germany, what rules apply here and what you should pay attention to. You will get the most important information about the asylum proceedings and ways to find a vocational training position and job. In five languages, free of advertising, free of charge and which you can use offline.

Level: A1

Link: Ankommen (google play) Ankommen (apple)



German Grammar Exercises

German grammar exercises will help you to manage the German language. On this website you will find a detailed grammar trainer. You can practice the grammar by topics, level, or textbooks. If it’s convenient for you, download it as an app.

Level: A1 – C1

Link: Deutschakademie


Internet access required:yes: online tool

Technical requirement: PC | Tablet | Smartphone | Operating systems: all | available as an Android app

Metalanguage: English

Location: in class

Cost: no

Registration: required for quiz creation and sharing | Code (without login) to play

User guidance: easy to use | intuitive

Level: all