Learn German Online

Do you want to learn German online? Are you looking for German exercises? Then this website is for you.

As German teachers, my husband and I have always searched for German exercises and teaching resources for the classroom. Surprisingly, we found more great websites than expected. We found not only websites with material for German teachers, but also for German learners. There are so many good materials and resources as well as German exercises. It’s for those who are teaching or learning German online. Our problem was, we forgot later where we had found the material for certain categories.

So the idea was born to categorize these excellent websites. To make them accessible to both German teachers and German learners all over the world.

Worksheets, Grammar, Audios …

We guide you through the jungle of German language exercises on the Internet. The categories range from pronunciation to listening comprehension and reading comprehension. It goes on to German grammar, and grammar exercises. It goes on to videos and voocabulary and much more. You see already some of the websites we found categorized. The categories are based on the difficulty level and other criterias. No matter if you just started learning German or if you are already an advanced student. Just click on the category you are interested in and you will get a list of websites with a short description and a link for each.

We will add new material regularily. Hope that you come back soon again to check out more interesting websites  with exercises and other good resources. It will surely help you Learn German Online.

Learn German online as a supplement to a German course

I think the most effective way to learn German is to take a course. In a classroom setup we have the best conducive environment to understand what the subject is all about. This is because all of our senses work closely together. We maintain eye contact with the teacher. Also we read the points written on the board and simultaneously we make notes. This will leave a long standing impression in our mind about the topics that we attend. After the class you will have a gist of what the subject is about, as well as how to study.

Nevertheless it is so important to supplement the course with self study. The course gives the motivation to learn German and correction, but with the additional effort, the success will come soon.